Pig pandemic, beef monopoly, agrivoltaics?, and deep listening.
The good news is that African swine fever has nothing to do with swine flu and does not infect humans; the bad news is mostly for pig farmers and ranchers who are facing, as Russian scientists claim, "arguably the most dangerous swine disease worldwide."
Question: Does the deletion a gene make an organism genetically modified? Answer: Not if the organism is a plant – only if it's an animal. The contradictions of that definition are now a subject of congressional concern.
Genetic engineering has provided many benefits: crops resistant to insects and pesticides; rice producing vitamin A; bacteria that produce human insulin; and potatoes that are less susceptible to blight -- all by adding genes. This new advance involving pigs is done by using gene deletion.
Perhaps some day, 3D printers will be spitting out replacement organs made from your own DNA, and like Amazon.com, they will show up in your mailbox an hour after you order them.
scientists are working on a way to make domestic pigs resistant to African swine fever, a highly contagious ailment that requires slaughtering of infected animals.