William "Bill" Post, who recently passed away at age 96, may not ring a lot of bells, but his invention sure does. Post is credited with the invention of Pop-Tarts. The little devils were first marketed in 1964 but even after 60 years, they remain wildly popular – to the tune of three billion sold annually. Here's a non-serious look at Post and his breakfast-changing innovation.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly important role in health care. This could lower costs and streamline patient interactions—but the technology has a dark side, too. Critics of "ultra-processed" food often claim that certain snacks aren't even food. Let's debunk this myth, with a special focus on Pop-Tarts.
Do condescending "food experts" make you feel like a war criminal for eating a so-called "unhealthy snack?" If so, there's a pretty good chance they're pontificating about something like a Twinkie. Or maybe a Pop-Tart. Is a Pop-Tart a food? A lab creation? Or a death sentence? All the yummy answers are here!
An Illinois woman is suing Kellogg's for substituting pear and apple for strawberry in Strawberry Pop-Tarts. I examine the earth-shattering ramifications of this crucial lawsuit.