portion control

In the ongoing battle against obesity, whether size matters takes on a new dimension regarding snacks. While discussions often center around nutritional content and dietary habits, the impact of portion and unit size tends to be overlooked. Yet, these seemingly insignificant factors can significantly influence our daily caloric intake.
In this radio interview, Lars Larson and I discussed overeating and over-imbibing during the holidays, particularly focusing on the phenomenon known as "Holiday Heart Syndrome."
If you want to lose weight – excluding all fad diets – how should you eat? A new study suggests that it's more effective to choose foods with lower calories than to try to simply eat less of everything.
Forget the no-fat, no-carb and no-sweets diets. Portion control could be the real game changer for losing and/or maintaining weight, and it also might well be a key player in combating obesity. According to a recent study, large meal portions consistently lead to overeating, which leads to weight gain.