“From the Archives – Formaldehyde in Baby Shampoo” talks about Johnson and Johnson removing Quaternium-15, a preservative, from its baby shampoo because it

Whole Foods chemists, an incongruity if ever there were one, must have a helluva job. They somehow must explain to suckers customers how the same chemical can be both good and bad for you.

Vani Hari, the infamous "Food Babe" who says that we shouldn't eat anything that we can't pronounce, has a new emulator: Panera Bread.

The thoroughly debunked myth that the world is overpopulated is still pervasive. A corollary to that myth is the belief that, as the population continues growing, we will not be able to provide enough food for everybody.

Silkworm cocoon. (Krish Dulal/Wikipedia) Silkworm cocoon. (Krish Dulal/Wikipedia)

As the farcical organic/back-to-nature movement continues to erode brains in this country, George Carlin's seven-word list needs to be updated. You know the first seven. I'm going to add the eighth: Preservatives.

The latest in health news: Chipotle, Kraft, 7 PepsiCo ditch GMOs and aspartame in the name of marketing, not public health, and Alex Berezow [from RealClearScience] tells it like it is in his open letter to Dr. Oz- don't miss it!

1039791_85503515Parabens are commonly used in foods and cosmetics as preservatives. Back in 2004, Dr.