President Donald Trump

The President of the United States has completed a roughly four hour periodic physical examination by his physician, Dr. Sean P.Conley, performed at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center - this is his second since taking office.
Yesterday, most of the nation received a test of the following alert on our cell phones:
There is no denying when public figures experience medical issues they can draw greater awareness and attention toward disease prevention; informing society and providing beneficial education.
In a statement just released by the office of the First Lady, Melania Trump is recovering well at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after undergoing a “successful” embolization procedure today without complications for a “benign kidney
Ever the optimist, I long for the day gratuitous personal attacks in the public sphere become passé. But, alas, yesterday was not that day.
The same Congress that has a problem with how they treat women has a larger problem in how they treat everyone. They use their “bully pulpit” not to lead, but to bully. And, the media is their grand enabler.
Often considered meaningless use or meaningful abuse by those who actually practice medicine, the so-called meaningful use reform legisla
With the weaponizing of presidential health taking center stage throughout the election and beyond, culminating in the most transparent press conference ever regarding the subject (see
President Donald Trump is fit for duty - medically, mentally, cognitively, psychologically, emotionally, physically and otherwise.
With the focus in the last few weeks on President Trump’s first routine physical in office and the published description that Friday’s exam at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center went “exceptionally well,” the internet - in particular, tw
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