This one is for Thom, our President and a very avid coffee drinker. The dirty dozen fruits and vegetables were not enough; now, the Environmental Work Group is coming after decaffeinated coffee.
“As a journalist who relies on freedom of speech, I would never advocate tossing Rogan off Spotify.
One of the reasons there are concerns about privacy on the Net is that much of our data can be cross-reference, and what we thought was anonymous becomes attached to our names. Here is a great example involves our tech villain du jour, Google.
I have written extensively on privacy in the digital age, especially concerning healthcare. I suspect my concerns and those of many others are a little belated, and there is no better example than the “manhunt” for those rioting at the Capital.
Let me get the controversial, hot-button words out of the way, Trump administration, Roundup, Monsanto. For just a moment, irrespective of which side of the aisle you wish to embrace, put the emotions aside, and consider the following facts.
Piggybacking on du jour terminology like “social determinants of health” don’t make privacy erosions by insurance carriers more legitimate or less fraught with ethical conundrums.
President Trump’s original physician, Harold Bornstein, is back in the news claiming that his office was “raided” and the president’s medical records removed.
The Brookings Institute recently released a study on what it terms the Privacy Paradox, which argues that our concerns about