Prop 65

California's law was ostensibly crafted to warn the public about potentially toxic substances in products. It has become a tool for predatory lawyers to sue companies for no valid reason and it's about to get worse.
NYTimes discusses the shady industry of herbal supplements, Caliofrnia's Prop. 65 targets e-cigs for their nicotine, and more support for BPA comes from the European Food Safety Authority
Teaser: A group of lawyers warn e-cigarette/vaping businesses in California that they are subject to legal action and fines for not labelling their products as carcinogens or reproductive toxicants, as required under Prop. 65, because of the nicotine they contain.
California s Proposition 65 is a law that helps no one except perhaps trial lawyers and bounty hunters.
Another useful, safe chemical bites the dust, thanks to California's ridiculous Prop 65, which lists chemicals as dangerous "at the drop of a rat." This time, it's the ubiquitous "high phthalate," DINP. Good luck finding a replacement!
A weekend retail therapy session turned into an ACSH topic when Director of Video Production Ana Simovska came across a California-made wallet with a Proposition 65 warning. Dr. Josh Bloom debunks the junk in the above video.
Those chemical alarmist groups are at it again, and as is so often the case, they are being aided and abetted by their pals in the regulatory state.