It's difficult to imagine a fate worse than rabies. A 65-year-old woman experienced the full horror of that disease -- and suffered a death that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. A new CDC case study provides the gruesome details.
Sometimes, a cute stray animal at your doorstep is carrying something you don't want to cuddle up to.
Unless they're eradicated smallpox-style, infectious diseases never disappear. Like an unlucky penny, they can show up at any time. Three stories from around the U.S. serve to underscore a crucial lesson.
A 6-year-old boy tragically died this week after he contracted rabies after touching a bat. But dying from rabies is preventable ... if you know the correct steps to take. So here's what to do if you come into contact with a potentially rabid animal. 
Truth is stranger than fiction. House of Cards has been cancelled. MSNBC fired journalist Mark Halperin. The long-anticipated Russia investigation has resulted in its first charges. And a dog bit my dad in the butt. What do you do when a dog bites you?
Most of us know a bit about rabies. But do you know which animals are most likely to carry the infection? Or did you that you might have been bitten by a bat? Recently on World Rabies Day, we tackled a few of the lesser-known aspects of rabies. 
There are not a lot of firsts left here in New York; we've basically seen it all. However, a squirrel that's attacking park-goers in Prospect Park, Brooklyn may be just that. The city's Department of Health thinks that this squirrel might have rabies. If true, it would be the first rabid squirrel NYC has ever known.