The study, published in JAMA Open Network, looked at the mission statement of 60 new medical schools established since 2000



Tis the season to be outside and for the feast of the mosquito to begin. My wife is a mosquito magnet; I am not. Reactions, a video from the American Chemical Society series, explains.


72 percent of Americans believe that federal public health institutions play a pivotal role in the nation's health care system, though fewer than 40 percent of people trust these agencies to fulfill that obligation.

It was an online survey of about 5130 physicians conducted in the last few months. Roughly 2/3rd male, and roughly a third 65 or older, a third between 50 and 65, and the remaining third younger than 50.

Much of the ambiguity of RCT's results lies in how closely the treatment and control groups matched to one another.

Ozy, a reputable on-line creator and aggregator shares this in a post, Butterfly Effect: who’s more racist?

Let's pretend that researchers are investigating acts of violence between players during hockey games. And let's further pretend that they are interested in determining if violent behavior has a racial component.