saturated fats

Saturated fats are not one monolithic group. Understanding this makes us reconsider nutritional guidelines. So, consumed in moderation, ice cream is back on the menu.
When it comes to coconut oil, the greasy stuff is best used on your skin, not melted in a pan meant for eating. The 100% fat in this oil isn't healthier than olive oil, or any other cooking oil. Has mainstream media finally caught on?                  
With low-fat milk, lactose-free substitutes and a firm place in culture and nutrition, it wouldn't seem like dairy products need a new science approach, but there are still things to optimize.
The latest news on saturated fats and heart disease, misleading study on UV lamps and skin cancer, and the staggering number of preventable deaths in the U.S.
The relationship between nutrition and health is complex and cannot be described in a set of simple rules. However, simplistic half-truths are dominating public perception and shaping policies concerning our food and the nature of our diet. For example, a recent ad campaign depicted saturated fats as poisons and accused several American food companies of poisoning America because they use tropical oils and beef tallow. The person behind this ad campaign has no formal training in nutrition or medicine, but has forced major companies to reformulate their products. As a most recent example, several fast food restaurants have changed the type of fat used for the deep frying of french fries. Until recently, they used a fat mixture containing vegetable oil and beef tallow.