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Greenpeace really loves bees so much that they regularly hold bee die ins where they dress up in bee costumes and lie on the ground to be sprayed by faux pesticides. Environmental activists have also given eulogies and
Dr. Josh Bloom in Science 2.0 If men have a low libido drug, isn t it only fair that women have one too? Unfortunately, that s not the way drug development works. While some argue that sexism is what s keeping female Viagra from getting approved
on Entine, the executive director of the Genetic Literacy Project, and a Senior Fellow at the World Food Center, Institute for Food and Agricultural Literacy at the University of California-Davis (and author of ACSH s Chemophobia
If you find yourself in the scope of Science 2.0 founder Hank Campbell s rifle, expect a rough time. He has a zero tolerance policy for anti-scientific activist groups, and is more than willing to forego good manners when he deals with them.
We at ACSH do not deal with climate-related issues it is beyond our scope. But ACSH friend and founder of the immensely popular blog Science 2.0 site has no such reservations. However, Campbell's take on climate change has nothing to do with whether it is occurring, and, if so, what is causing it. It is about groups that want to eliminate the use of fossil fuels, using climate change as one handy excuse, and the tactics
Hank Campbell of Science 2.0 points out the vast gulf between journalism and pandering in an irresponsible way merely to get attention, whatever the cost to sound science and public health. Same concern applies to phony research targeting chemicals.