solar power

The climate is changing while concerns about air pollution linger on.
Pig pandemic, beef monopoly, agrivoltaics?, and deep listening.
Is solar power coming of age? How color influences our feelings.
If the media was doing its job instead of providing free marketing and public relations to the renewable energy industry, it would have reported that Europe's energy transition has come at great cost because of massive subsidies, higher taxes, and poor decisions.
Environmentalists often oppose the very solutions that they once proposed.
When it comes to energy and climate policy, there's little rationality to be found. Those who believe that climate change is an existential threat often reject nuclear power in favor of wind and solar, despite those options being insufficient to power the planet. That said, to embrace nuclear energy, we also must have a realistic solution to the problem of waste.
In California, Robin Hood robs from the poor ... and gives to the solar industry.
The perfect energy solution is really quite simple. Implementing it only requires political will and scientifically savvy voters. Unfortunately, both are in short supply.