Perhaps the Huffington Post which is of questionable value even on a good day simply made a typo. Hard to say.
It is rare when a single drug entirely revolutionizes the treatment of a disease. Yet, Gilead s Sovaldi did just this, following its FDA approval in late 2013.
Catch the latest news on concerns regarding Gilead's $84,000 hepatitis C treatment drug Sovaldi, the declining sales of traditional cigarettes, and why prior authorization could be hurting the health care system
Seems like old times: a few expensive new drugs (although money-saving in the long-term) lead to renewed calls for negotiated prices for Medicare patients price controls. Short-term savings are short-sighted however: politicians think long-term is the next election.
Get the latest news on the costly Hepatitis C drug, why C-sections have skyrocketed in numbers, and the real reason behind the lack of research on antibiotic research
As we discussed here two months ago, Gilead s Sovaldi a revolutionary treatment that can actually cure hepatitis C was under attack for its cost ($1000 per daily pill for 12 weeks, or $84,000).