Nate Silver is a statistician and self-appointed electoral guru.

Should transgender individuals play sports according to their biological gender or the gender with which they identify? That's a devilishly difficult question.

The context surrounding the study of the impact of testosterone on elite athletes is essential in understanding its underlying hypothesis – that “excess” endogenous testosterone confers a competitive advantage.

Left-handed people are a bit of an anomaly. Relatively speaking, there aren't many of them, yet they've been around for thousands of years.

Full Disclosure: Before five minutes ago, I was unsure what teams made it into the upcoming Super Bowl. I mean, if one of them isn’t the Eagles, then my attention span plummets to nonexistent.

There are a lot of Seahawks haters out there. Apparently, a popular insult hurled at the team is that it is a "Johnny-come-lately" franchise supported by a bunch of bandwagon fans.

A recent health story is currently making the rounds proclaiming that some forms of exercise, as well as participation in three particular racquet sports, are better than others for your overall health and will help you live longer.

We like to make it a point not to alarm parents unnecessarily. Part of our mission is to inform the public about health concerns, simply and calmly, without resorting to scare tactics to get attention.

footballFootball is an extremely popular sport in the United States.