We have made amazing progress in the treatment of COVID-19. Two therapies – steroids and remdesivir – have already been shown to help. Those who benefit from these treatments owe thanks to patients who volunteered to participate in controlled clinical trials, and the physicians and pharmaceutical companies that lead them.
Two performance-enhancing drug scandals, one involving tennis players and the other the Russian Olympic sports complex, are seemingly unconnected. That is, until you consider how both relate to Maria Sharapova, the tennis star who's currently serving a suspension for using the banned substance, meldonium, which helps oxygen uptake and endurance.
A study claims that infants given corticosteroids to treat asthma may face stunted growth in their future. However, the coverage of the study misses the point: despite the concern about potential height, asthma is still a deadly disease and steroids are still an effective treatment.
A common treatment for low-back pain that doesn t dissipate within a few days oral steroids has been shown (again) to be ineffective, especially for the nerve-root pain of sciatica. Will docs change their approach, at last?
Childhood eczema has become more prevalent in recent years, deserving attention and demanding alternate treatment options. Eczema is an inflammatory (and often
A commonly-used medical procedure spinal injection of a mixture of lidocaine and anti-inflammatory steroid has been shown to be no more effective in relieving certain symptoms of back problems than the numbing agent alone.
Eating disorders are not often associated with young males, but a new study suggests that they may actually be more common than thought. However, the manifestation of the eating disorder may look a little