Researchers at the University of Toronto published a ranking of businesses they believe could move the needle to reduce deaths from sudden cardiac arrest.
Subway announced recently that it will begin a long initiative to phase out meat from animals fed antibiotics as a growth enhancer. It's a win for public health, but the reality is that basically anyone, anywhere can get Subway to do just about anything at this point if one screams loud enough.
Here is ACSH's official list of this year's top 10 scares
Medical wrap for Friday, March 14: Dr. Josh Bloom's latest piece on Science 2.0 regarding yet another harmless chemical scare, Dr. Gilbert Ross testifies in Philadelphia against e-cig regulation, measles outbreak in NY, and you're in luck- we're sharing the world's best Key Lime Pie recipe in honor of Pi Day.
would like to nominate Arvind Mahankali to be the next head of the USDA. Why? He is obviously very smart, has an outstanding work ethic, and a superb vocabulary. He may...[Read more].
Here is yet another example of one of the nation s largest brands responding to pressure from American consumers and activist groups. Subway has chosen to remove the chemical