Subsisting on fast food, soda, and candy is not a wise way to live. None of these foods are inherently harmful, though they should be consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet.
Can sugar-free drinks help you lose weight? Proponents say “yes,” so long as they help create a calorie deficit.
Activist groups have attacked all sorts of alleged villains for undermining public health—Big Ag and Big Pharma being the two most common punching bags.
The latest 2020-2025 US Dietary Guidelines, which are updated every five years, landed over the holidays with the usual flurry of claims that vested interests have meddled with them.
It was once just innocent fruit sugar, but fructose now vies for the number one slot as the world’s biggest, baddest nutrient, making us fat and sick. Which is all nonsense of course… No need to fear fructose!
Heard the one about fruit being unhealthy because it has much higher sugar levels than it did in the good ol’ days?
Nutrition facts labeling is changing: coming soon to a product label near you there will be a new line of information telling you how much of the total su
Stakeholders, be they individuals or institutions, seek to sway public opinion and policy. Industries, often with the prefix Big, have manufactured doubt, provided financial resources and incentives for their views and delayed regulations.
Everything, it seems, goes in cycles.
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