Supreme Court

Admissions policies at universities are going to change — for the better.

No one witnessing a burglary in progress would call 911 and ask for a doctor. Likewise, it makes no sense for a doctor to consult a cop about prescribing medications.

Interstate water wars are heating up along with the climate


A few months earlier, cases similar to New York’s were presented to the Supreme Court, one regarding a Nevada law and one, a

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fell in her office, according to media reports via the court released statement, and broke multiple ribs.

A death row inmate convicted of a 1985 murder of a police officer has spent the last thirty-plus years awaiting his exe

In a unanimous Supreme Court victory, a young girl with cerebral palsy, Ehlena Fry, and her service dog, Wonder, succeeded in making the ability to pursue justice against discrimination for those managing disabilities that much easier.

More and more cases which require an understanding of complex scientific issues are being tried in the courts of this nation. Often the scientific questions that come before a court are on the cutting edge of scientific knowledge.