Teenagers are rebellious and they do stupid things. Given the range of options available to them -- from drinking and driving to unprotected sex -- vaping is a rather mild vice. However, it is still harmful, so laws need to be in place to prevent teens from getting them.
Dismissing this encounter as that of another entitled teen ignores a major societal problem that needs fixing.
People commit suicide for various reasons: Depression, loneliness, mental illness, drug addiction, relationship trouble, financial hardship, and bullying have all been implicated. Determining the predominant causes of suicide in each age and ethnic demographic would be a major step toward reversing this troubling trend.
Data from emergency room visits shows that over a four-year period roughly 30,000 of them, each year, were for sports-related eye injuries. And that a majority -- two-thirds of females and 60 percent of males -- involved patients under age 18. Injuries were also categorized by sport or activity, to better understand how they occurred, providing information that can help parents.
With the heartbreaking photo of a Syrian child rescued from a bombed house making its way around the internet -- as well as our nonstop election circus -- it's time for some good news for a change. The CDC reports that pregnancy in teens aged 15-19 has fallen by 46 percent from 2007 to 2015.
For parents, it's axiomatic that steering young children into sports is good for their overall health. But just like almost everything else, too much of a good thing can also backfire. Playing a sport too rigorously can produce devastating injuries for teens who are still developing, as can playing one sport exclusively year-round.
Prospective study of 228 morbidly obese teens shows that two different types of bariatric surgery led to significant benefits. They included weight loss, and improved cardiometabolic levels, including blood pressure, lipids, diabetes and kidney function.
Although they probably don t realize it, teens have discovered a potentially deadly way of getting drunk inhaling alcohol vapors sometimes called vaping (not to be confused with use of electronic cigarettes).