One change that COVID-19 has wrought is moving patient care from the office back into the home. While there are definitely growing pains for patients and physicians, there are some real gains as reported in Circulation last week.
Telemedicine, what our stories tell us about ourselves, can worms reason, and the role of plate tectonics in our lives and culture.
Telemedicine is a first step towards digitizing the world of medicine, while improving and increasing access to care and reducing out-of-pocket costs.
It's now possible for your doctor to make house calls, with little more than you using a smartphone and some inexpensive devices. Telemedicine is not just for rural America.
Here are the final four exciting developments in science, health and technology of 2017. And, a prediction for what innovation could be truly disruptive in the future.
Telemedicine, or medical consultations via the internet, is aiming to change the landscape of healthcare delivery. While it has come through on many of its promises, it still may be too early to tell if any of these changes will be effective in the future.