Marijuana is currently a Schedule I drug – with "high abuse potential with no accepted medical use,” like heroin or LSD.

People Foods Versus Pet Foods

Cannabis, commonly known as marijuana, is legal for recreational or medical use in many states and is highly commercialized.

For those who follow our bizarre concoction of drug laws, it should come as no surprise that they are both ineffective and also woefully ill-equipped to keep up with new (sometimes) legal analogs that even a marginally trained chemi

Dr. Jeffrey Singer's piece originally appeared on the Cato Institute website. It is being reprinted with permission. 

The CDC just issued a report, providing more information about what has been killing and hospitalizing people who vape. It's pretty much what we were saying last month.

There is a green gold rush underway. Not the Green New Deal, but the growth of medicalized, then decriminalized and finally recreational marijuana.