Truth In Advertising

Due to rampant false claims, could moratoriums on medical searches by social media companies actually free up time in an office visit. And also, lessen health care burdens?
How about companies just telling it like it is – in all its forms? We need to do better than Theranos, and the hubris of 23andMe that warranted FDA intervention and sanctioning of the firm. 
When words like "world-renowned" are used in the medical realm (especially by people selling something, like an unnecessary product or procedure), beware. And then prepare yourself with a healthy dose of skepticism.
Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle company, goop, may think that the products it sells are helpful, but others disagree. The controversy has evolved into a formal complaint filed against goop. It's a move that starts the legal ball rolling down the firm's vaginal egg-lined path.