With Thanksgiving around the corner, there are a few certainties:
The traffic on Thanksgiving is killer. If you happen to be driving to my Aunt Wilma's house in Connecticut you will find this out for yourself. But what about when you arrive? Which is riskier?
How close is what we eat today to the original 1621 Thanksgiving feast? Apparently, not very close at all.
In spite of what the fear-mongers might tell us, the presence of trace amounts of chemicals in our foods will not be the death of us — any of us.
Many years ago, my large family would traditionally gather in Connecticut to enjoy each other's company on Thanksgiving.
Don't let Thanksgiving flop; make sure you roast your turkey right! Check out our fun (and all-too-common) tips to a successful holiday. [Brownie points if you laugh.]
Despite its present-day ubiquity, turkey was probab