Turmeric, and its constituent curcumin are widely touted to be one of the wonders of traditional Chinese medicine, treating or curing everything from ankle sprains to cancer. But a recent careful review of the scientific data undercuts all these claims, labeling these compounds  as IMPs — invalid metabolic panaceas. Enjoy turmeric in your curry, but don't expect it to save you life!
A reader sent us scientific literature defending curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric), and nothing with us has changed. We remain highly critical of naturopaths, as well as other healers who use it. And in the wake of a young woman's recent death, that group includes anyone who defends administering these substances intravenously.
Turmeric pills are the latest version of snake oil promoted by healers and naturopaths. And although that may be bad, it's not as bad as their latest trick – administering turmeric using an IV and killing an otherwise healthy person.
Turmeric has long been known for its medicinal properties. Researchers at the University of Arizona are investigating whether the anti-inflammatory properties of this powder can supplement standard treatment for those diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.