Anyone active on social media is aware that there is a great deal of passionate but ill-founded opposition to vaccination, including the new COVID-19 vaccines. How could that be?

We were pro-GMO before the term "GMO" was even invented. That's because the acronym "GMO" is not used by scientists, but is instead a colloquialism employed by the media, activists, and the general public.

Most days, the world is unfair. Bad people succeed, good people fail, and those who deserve justice never get it.

A new paper in the Journal of Public Health Policy raises the concern that despite ever-tightening disclaimers of conflicts of interest (COI) in scientific research, unwarranted influence may be hidden in funding.

Should a public university, which derives much of its funding from state and federal government, be in the business of using that taxpayer money to fund a project whose sole purpose is to besmirch the reputation of scientists, including those of o