Esai Pharmaceutical just got FDA approval for a new sleeping pill called Dayvigo. Is it any good? Plus - a rant about the "addiction specialist" fools who might want to overregulate it. It's worth reading this horrendous article just for the rant.
Valeant Pharmaceuticals seems to be trying to cement its place as the worst company in the world. After doing virtually everything wrong over the past year, its officials have taken it to an even lower level — price gouging dying patients who have chosen to end their lives.
With the issue of drug pricing currently in the news, The New York Times ran an editorial decrying prices that are "too high," while failing to truly address the real issues. Instead, the paper took the easy way out by linking Turing's price gouging to pricing methods of established pharmaceutical makers.
Valeant Pharmaceuticals, a generic drug firm with a reputation far from sterling, is hurting from a nasty billion dollar payback. It incinerated that investment by purchasing "female viagra" a drug that should have never been approved, and no one is buying. Execs are probably not amused, but we sure are.