vitamin A deficiency

Greenpeace's longstanding, unwarranted, and vicious opposition to vitamin A-fortified rice has led to tens of thousands of deaths.
Golden rice lives up to its name, both for its color and the beneficial effect it can have on those (especially children) with vitamin A deficiency. Yet, the main obstacle preventing its distribution is the disinformation about genetically-engineered foods spread by anti-GMO Luddites. Let's hope that changes for the holidays.      
One of our primary missions at ACSH is to inform people about risk, in particular, about theoretical or minuscule risks vs. real ones.
Dear anti-GM food aficionados, We are warning you that it may be time to stock up on your Whole Foods vegan-burgers and kale because civilization has now taken one more step toward the extinction of all healthy foods on earth. The latest culprit? The banana from hell. In fact, this product is SO awful that it will provide deadly vitamin A to the many selfish Ugandans who would prefer not to die from a deficiency of the stuff. They have some nerve.
Golden Rice, a genetically engineered crop enriched with beta-carotene which the body can then convert to vitamin A, has the potential to prevent blindness in populations prone to vitamin A deficiency. The WHO
In a front-page article in the New York Times entitled Golden Rice: Lifesaver, national correspondent Amy Harmon sums up the superstition and activist-generated controversy surrounding golden rice