News Sentinel: "A Super Size Distortion"

From the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel (

June 4, 2004

A Super Size Distortion

The article that ran in the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel titled "Expose or con job? Super Size Me takes a bite out of McDonald's," calls director/star Morgan Spurlock a glutton for punishment. But what he demonstrated in his movie, Super Size Me, was just plain gluttony, compounded by an intentional lack of physical activity.

Although he says the movie wasn't really about McDonald's food per se, Spurlock still accuses the company of being one of the culprits responsible for America's obesity problem. If McDonald's is a culprit, so is every deli, supermarket and salad bar.

Food of all sorts is readily available these days. That fact is not likely to change. Consumers must learn to make appropriate food choices and to increase physical activity to balance the calories they consume. Further, we must teach our children to do likewise, or the negative health consequences of obesity will be epidemic as well.

Ruth Kava, Ph.D., R.D.
Director of Nutrition
American Council on Science and Health