Game of Show and Don't Tell

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CEI-affiliated Soso Whaley contrasted her weight loss with the weight gain of her fellow McDonald's customer/documentarian Morgan Spurlock (noting ACSH's role) in a July 24 letter to the Washington Times:

...I ended up not only losing 10 pounds but also saw my cholesterol drop by 40 points. A second round of dieting at McDonald's in June resulted in an additional weight loss of 8 pounds. Moderate exercise, including walking my dogs and using an exercise videotape, during and after the 30-day diets, has been a key factor in maintaining the weight loss.

We also haven't heard exactly what and how much Mr. Spurlock ate during his 30-day experiment. You can view my receipts at, so you can literally track the entire first month I ate at McDonald's. The American Council on Science and Health is also currently analyzing my McDonald's diet.

Mr. Spurlock hasn't provided any of this information. We see some of the food he ate by virtue of film clips binging behavior so extreme that purging is inevitable. We hear doctors making dramatic statements about his admittedly "high fat" diet and cautioning him to lower his caloric intake. But let's face it: MTV Jackass stunts, such as eating so much that one throws up, are very popular with the younger generation. Without a complete list of food and supplements that were ingested, any real analysis and conclusion of Mr. Spurlock's experience is impossible...