McDieters Say Fast Food Can Still Be Healthy

An August 31, 2005 article by Nathaniel West in the Journal Gazette & Times-Courier concerned people like Soso Whaley who've lost weight while eating fast food, and the piece quoted ACSH's Dr. Ruth Kava:

According to the physician who reviewed Whaley's program, success stemmed from the age-old advice about healthy living: Eat in moderation, and exercise.

"That's what it always comes down to when you're talking about weight control," said Dr. Ruth Kava, director of nutrition for the American Council on Science and Health in New York.

And in contrast to anti-McDonald's documentaries and media reports, Kava and other dieticians claimed the average person can dine regularly on fast food with no ill effects -- just so long as one doesn't consume too many calories, eats a variety of nutritious foods and maintains an active lifestyle...

Kava did note that Whaley's initial dieting approach found her taking in slightly more fat calories than is recommended, but "it didn't seem to hurt."

As for the McDiet and other similar notions, Kava said she hopes common sense will prevail.

"I wouldn't recommend that a person eat all of their meals at one place over and over again, because you can't get the variety you can get at the supermarket," she said.

"But I think that what goes for (Whaley) goes for anybody who tries to make intelligent choices."

ACSH on McDieting variations:

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