Dispatch: EPA Administrator Under Fire

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Legal Newsline yesterday quoted Dr. Ross's October 2009 Forbes.com column in an article that describes how EPA administrator Lisa P. Jackson has drawn fire from two sets of people — those who accuse her of being too close to activists, and others who says she's too friendly with industry:

Dr. Gilbert Ross, medical director for the consumer education group American Council on Science and Health, said that the group suspects Jackson's call to have another look at atrazine is nothing more than part of an "anti-chemical," "anti-business" agenda.

In a column Ross published in Forbes magazine, he declared: "This effort will do nothing to promote public health while raising needless anxiety and spurring expensive, useless regulation and litigation."

The article quotes an environmental group as saying Jackson was too close to industry when she headed the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, but Dr. Ross is skeptical. "I don't see how anyone can see Lisa Jackson as being biased toward industry," he scoffs.