Jenny McCarthy Gets Criticized For Anti-Vaccine Campaign

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Made originally famous by her stint as the host of MTV’s infamous dating show “Singled Out,” Jenny McCarthy is now indeed singled out for her scientifically unsound campaign against vaccinations, claiming they can cause autism. As celebrity news, gossip and style blogger Bonnie Fuller aptly points out on her website, “it’s time for the blonde bombshell and mom of autistic son Evan, 8, to immediately end her campaign against vaccines that save children’s lives.”

To add to the roster of studies that have already conclusively proven that vaccines are safe and have no link to autism, an additional study will be published in the October issue of Pediatrics demonstrating the same results, and hopefully shutting Ms. McCarthy up once and for all.

Ms. Fuller sums it up:

Jenny McCarthy- there is now NO excuse for you to protest against vaccines! It’s time to admit that you were wrong, and speak out loudly and clearly to your followers. Tell them that vaccines DO NOT cause autism! Yell it from the rooftops!

Jenny McCarthy rallies against vaccines