McCarthy using fame for good - we're surprised too

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We have made it pretty clear that we don't agree with Jenny McCarthy about vaccines. When it comes to vaccines, she has used her celebrity status inappropriately as she has been an advocate for anti-vaccine rhetoric without having the medical qualifications to do so. However, when it comes to e-cigarettes, it seems that McCarthy is using her fame for good, even if it does happen to be motivated by an economically beneficial scenario for the celeb.

A new commercial features McCarthy looking sleek on a white couch, telling the audience how smoking is not sexy and how e-cigarettes have been an "absolute savior" for her as a single smoker. While we are not necessarily thrilled with her specific motivations for becoming an advocate for harm reduction, we are happy that e-cigs are being presented as an attractive option for adult smokers. Why? Because we know that they are a realistic way to help smokers quit and are safer than cigarettes.