Grist Journalist Claims Vast Conspiracy Between ACSH And The EPA

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Grist writer Nathaniel Johnson, who is as close to an impartial journalist as Grist has, still knows that he has to cater to their crowd, and that means anyone who accepts that a pesticide is safe - the EPA, American Council on Science and Health, all of science - must have been paid off.

In a conspiracy narrative seemingly designed to support an unhinged researcher who has never had a paper used by the EPA because he refuses to show any data to the EPA, Grist claims that "follow the money" logic must rule all things they happen not to like.

"They show that Syngenta funneled money to the American Council on Science and Health, to the Hudson Institute (where Alex Avery of the institute s Center for Global Food Issues attacked Hayes), and to Steven Milloy, publisher of and president of Citizens for the Integrity of Science. In return, the company got supportive blog posts and editorials."

A journalist at a publication that required fact-checking would have been tasked with demonstrating that the Council took money from anyone to then start supporting this science, but since atrazine has been around since the 1950s, and passed every re-registration, and two special assessments held by the EPA in the last ten years, it is instead that we are devoted to providing real answers about what is a health threat versus what is a health scare. A journalist not engaged in the latter would recognize we are engaged in the former, and we do so because writers here have no idea who funds us, at least until Mother Jones publishes stolen documents related to our donors. Again.