Shout out to Henry Miller for taking on junk science

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1037197_16221105The always-excellent Henry Miller does not disappoint in his latest op-ed about the impact of junk science on all of us. It is sad, but undeniable that we seem to be headed back to a high tech version of the Dark Ages. There are multiple reasons for this, and Miller spares no one in his latest piece entitled Junk Science Attacks On Important Products And Technologies Diminish Us All.

He explains, Today we see numerous examples of radical activists exploiting widespread ignorance of science, pushing a kind of New Age, anti-technology, anti-business, return-to-unspoiled-nature ideology. Superstition and darkness now spur spurious concerns about many products and technologies, including vaccines, nuclear power, pesticides, genetically engineered foods, and chemicals found in an array of consumer products.

Indeed, fear mongering has become so commonplace and successful that it is affecting the business activities of some of the biggest companies in the world and for no good reason. Yet, according to Miller, many businesses are self-regulating in a way that amounts to a capitulation to the specious claims and demands of activists.

This piece is a must-read for anyone who is interested in learning about the deep-seated and growing trend of the chemical equivalent of the Salem witch trials against science.