Scientists Honor Top Science Op-Ed Writer: Henry I. Miller

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New York, NY -- May 7, 2008. The American Council on Science and Health today presents the first Henry I. Miller Award for Excellence in Public Health Education to Dr. Henry Miller, research fellow at the Hoover Institution.

The award recognizes physicians and scientists who have, by their editorial commentaries and media appearances, rendered exceptional service in promoting sound science policy in public health and medicine. Dr. Miller is a prolific writer, publishing not only in the scholarly literature but also authoring hundreds of editorial commentaries on health issues on the op-ed pages of newspapers around the world.

Miller's work is dedicated to the defense of science and exposing of unscientific scares, particularly over food and biotechnology. As Miller has warned, "misinformation is widely propagated and feeds the propagandizing of anti-technology activists."

The ceremony and luncheon will be held at the Union League Club in Manhattan, with remarks by Melanie Kirkpatrick, deputy editor of the Wall Street Journal's editorial page and member of the editorial board, and Ned Crabb, former editor of the Letters to the Editor section of the Journal. The Award will be jointly presented by ACSH Chairman Dr. John Moore and ACSH President Dr. Elizabeth Whelan.