Join host Cameron English as he sits down with Dr. Chuck Dinerstein to break down these stories on Episode 44 of the Science Dispatch podcast:  
While all social media display an individual’s “name,” those names are often made up, the work of bots, and poorly
I've always been bullish about American scientific and technological supremacy, not in some starry-eyed, jingoistic way, but due to the simple reality that the United States remains the world's research and development engine.
China is catching up with the rest of the advanced world economically and technologically.
Reading is a pleasurable requirement for writers. I recognize that I kick it old school, I like the physicality of a book in hand, screens, for me, are pale simulacra.
It seems lately that there isn’t a week that passes without a viral social media story or news account of a neighbor calling the police on a child, albeit one selling lemonade or mowing lawns.
Recently, I had the pleasure of filming a segment on the top medical, science and technology innovations of 2017 at Reuters TV in Times Square, New York with host of CCTV Bianca Chen.
In a world where optics, buzzwords and marketing magic carry as much meaning if not more than — it seems— the actual validity of the core concept or technology, nothing baffles me more than how a Theranos was able to rise and fall so precipitously
The news reports, like personal possessions that eventually emerge from roaring whitewater upstream, keep surfacing. They're coming from the bayous of the continental southeast to the northlands of Alaska.
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