Who is saying no to golden rice?

By ACSH Staff — Apr 16, 2014
A recent piece on Science 2.0 by Hank Campbell the creator of the site reflects the phony activist claims and anti-science

Golden RiceA recent piece on Science 2.0 by Hank Campbell the creator of the site reflects the phony activist claims and anti-science sentiment that is keeping our society from genetically modified foods. Bioengineering is capable of unleashing a powerful and productive method to feed millions. Yet, as he points out, activist agenda and propaganda limits its acceptance and use today. (ACSH has frequently made similar observations as well).

His piece, When It Comes To Food, Do You Trust Science Or A Yogic Flying Instructor? discusses the safety and efficacy of golden rice, a GM product that is routinely criticized by anti-science activists. He is not shy about expressing his opinions.

For example, Sputtering that evil biological tinkerers took a gene from corn and put it into rice and that turns it into Frankenfood just makes activists look dopey. They don't even know enough science to be wrong ¦.and don't want to know any. Yikes.

The facts are these: those large corporations that are the favorite punching bags of left-wing activists have had nothing to do with the discovery and development of Golden Rice, nor does the rice itself cause any harm to humans or the environment. In fact, Golden Rice has the potential to save millions of people especially children in developing countries who are suffering from vitamin A deficiency and deteriorating vision.

The urgency and need to incorporate GMO products is great, though difficult for progressive first world communities to comprehend. Here, nothing exposes the hypocrisy of the environmentalists more than this quote, in which Campbell cites fellow Science 2.0 contributor Kevin Folta: It is easy to stand against technology with a full belly and 20/20 vision. Read more here.

The stance against golden rice by anti-GMO activists is simply reprehensible states ACSH s Dr. Ruth Kava. She continuesThere is no good reason to fight the introduction of this GMO product or any other into the world s food supply. In my opinion, these activists are responsible for untold misery and death by instigating fear-driven destruction of test plots of this potentially life-saving product.

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