Silver anniversary for Big Fears, Little Risks

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138829_6871Twenty-five years ago ACSH produced a video, narrated by none other than the late, great journalist Walter Cronkite, to counter the widespread perception that Americans health was at great risk because of our use of synthetic pesticides and other chemicals. Big Fears, Little Risks: A Report on Chemicals in the Environment provides the testimony of several world-renowned scientists from diverse backgrounds to debunk this myth.

These scientists include:

Biochemist Dr. Bruce Ames, inventor of the Ames test, used worldwide to ascertain whether a chemical can cause mutations or cancer.

Agricultural biologist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Norman Borlaug, whose development of new forms of wheat saved millions from starvation.

Toxicologist Dr. Alice Ottoboni, who noted that the human body is equipped to cope with trace amounts of chemicals be they synthetic or natural.

Epidemiologist Dr. Elizabeth Whelan (also ACSH founder and president), who expressed her concern about people s attention being diverted from real risks such as lifestyle factor like smoking, to phantom risks.

The messages provided by these scientists are as true today as they were in 1989 when this video was produced; it will never be outdated as long as fear-mongers keep inciting baseless concerns about traces of chemicals and their impact on human health.

ACSH s Dr. Ruth Kava agrees, stating The concerns and advice provided in this video are just as valid as they were 25 years ago. Every generation must be reminded of the adage that the dose makes the poison, and must be reassured that traces of chemicals synthetic or natural do not threaten our health. This video is a must-view for everyone.

You can find the three-part series here.