An open letter to anti-vaccine parents

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153988137Dr. Jennifer Raff, Ph.D., an anthropological geneticist, masterfully writes an open letter to anti-vaxxer parents that gets straight to point even in its title: Dear parents, you are being lied to. The piece was published on her blog, Violent Metaphors.

Although the article was published in March, every argument Dr. Raff makes is relevant today especially considering recent news involving dangerously low vaccination rates in affluent California schools.

Dr. Raff concisely and effectively refutes every reason anti-vaccine parents give for not vaccinating their children, linking every statement she makes to further information.

Just a few of the many facts she points out are that measles, the flu, and whooping cough actually are dangerous diseases, and that vaccines are unquestionably safe as they are subjected to a higher level of scrutiny than any other medicine.

Dr. Raff s article is a fantastic summary of everything the medical world has been trying to argue for years, and a great source for those looking for further reading on the topic.