Cuomo s ban on fracking cheers many environmentalists, but won t help NYS future energy needs

Hydraulic-FrackingBarnettShaleDrilling-e1320158260740Governor Cuomo s recent ban on natural gas production by hydraulic fracturing has dire implications of the state s energy future, says James Conca in Forbes.

He points out that natural gas is far and away the largest means of producing electricity in the state, followed by nuclear energy and hydroelectric power. But many in the state agitate to close down nuclear power, so how will future energy needs be met? Other sources, such as coal-fired plants are being shut down, or like renewables, are just not up to meeting the demand.

Conca also points out that natural gas is a far cleaner fuel than either coal or petroleum, and that scant data exist to support the fears of activists that fracking would lead to environmental damage via well leakage and groundwater contamination both concerns that could easily be addressed by strong regulations that are vigorously enforced.

"Anyone concerned about energy use and sources would be well advised to read Conca s essay, commented ACSH s Dr. Gilbert Ross. He continued Conca presents a cogent argument as to the negative impacts we can expect to follow this misguided ban on hydraulic fracturing."