It is difficult to describe how badly I wanted to include the terms "Fracking" and "F#####" in that title. But I had a momentary lapse in poor taste, so I went with a tamer choice.
Not only did Americans vote on members of Congress this week, but citizens of several states also voted on various science- and health-related policy issues. How did those turn out?
There aren't many things that unite both sides of the political aisle today, but environmental activists have achieved the impossible.
The much-anticipated intelligence report which concluded that Russia tried to influence the recent presidential election had another startling, yet widely ignored, conclusion: The Russian government promotes anti-fracking propaganda in the Un
In the largest study of its kind, a group of researchers from Yale University, le
A recent study links high-volume hydraulic fracturing, better known as "fracking," to higher pre-term birth rates.
Hopewell Township, New Jersey has decided to block an expansion of the PennEast Pipeline
The American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) has since 1978 been single-mindedly devoted to debunking health and science nonsense purveyed by agenda-driven activists and demagogue politicians, eagerly abetted by the sensation
What do New York environmental activists know about science that the entire EPA and earth scientists in 20 states do not?
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