Organic Honey Switches To Science - And More Media Links

1. Organic honey is disappearing in the US, and for a reason that makes sense. Beehive keepers have learned that there is no organic solution for varroa mites, the pests implicated as the key reason why honey bees sometimes have greater than average seasonal deaths. And they would rather lose their organic sticker than lose their business.

But weird beliefs about science never die, so some are claiming varroa mites are a problem because of...high fructose corn syrup. Don't ask, we'll be going down that rabbit hole all day.

Anyway, the solution for organic honey is simple. Since "organic" has long been defined by lobbyists who carved out a special section in USDA for themselves, and already exempt dozens and dozens of synthetic ingredients, there is no reason they can't exempt varroa mite pesticides too. It's just a process, after all, and processes change.

2. Is A Harmful Chemical Lurking In Mustard? By now, everyone has heard of BPA, and many people think it must be bad because...well, no one is sure why. Yet bisphenol in various ways is available in lots of things, and it turns out the wholesome condiment mustard has BPA, except missing two methyl groups, which makes it BPF. So have our endocrines been disrupting because of it for hundreds of years?

Could be.  British women were once worried that coffee was "French"-ifying British men, it may have been the hot dogs all along.

3. In Alzheimer’s – Infectious Or Infection?, Professor Dave Clark discusses how infection may play a role in several supposedly non-infectious diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease and perhaps some other neurodegenerative diseases.

4. Facebook doesn't want anyone to be mean - well, if they are pro-science, that is. Facebook has been criticized for shutting down political pages, though only ones that are what they deem "conservative", and now they have shut off the page of pro-GMO activist Stephan Neidenbach.  All it took was for supplements fraud and osteopathy wizard Joe Mercola, or the US Right To Know Deniers for Hire, or that Bill McKibben sustainability huckster, to mobilize its anti-science zombies into suppressing dissent by clicking a few buttons, and Facebook will dutifully comply. If you side with science, anyway. All those groups are allowed to promote fear and doubt about scientists without penalty.