ACSH's Most Popular Articles of the Summer

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Now that it's September, more and more students will be heading back to school. The youngest kiddies may play a game called "Show and Tell," in which they bring in various items and talk about what they did over the summer.

Now, it's our turn to play Show and Tell.

While you were out barefoot skiing, we were holding down the fort in steamy Manhattan, defending evidence-based science and medicine and debunking hype. So, in case you missed it, here are the top 10 most popular articles we published this summer:

Burnt Bread Makes An Excellent Carbon Foam

Chemists Were Wrong About Splenda

Parasitism Evolved At Least 223 Times Among Animals

'Bed-Of-Nails' Surface Physically Rips Bacteria Apart

Elizabethkingia: Is This Mysterious Disease Coming From Hospitals?

Mystery Meat: What Other Animals Are In That Hot Dog?

Organic Farms Yield 20% Fewer Crops Than Conventional Farms

Political Correctness Prevents Advancement Of Science

Religious People Really Do Have More Children

Anti-Intellectualism Is Biggest Threat To Modern Society

Stay tuned for more great content this fall!