ACSH Medical Director Named One Of America's Top Pediatricians, We're In The Economist, And More

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1. If you read The Economist, you will note an article by our Senior Fellow In Biomedical Science Dr. Alex Berezow. The Economist audience cares about sexual cannibalism? In spiders? EVERYONE cares about that. It's lurid, it's provocative, and it's in October, which means it feels like Halloween.

Sure, it feels vaguely socialist to have the male of the species sacrificing himself for the good of the many, but parents do that all of the time. 

Read about nature’s cruellest one-night stand: Sexual cannibalism in spiders: Male dark fishing spiders sacrifice themselves for the good of their offspring and then read something funny to get it out of your mind.

2. In case you missed it, Director of Medicine Dr. Jamie Wells has been named one of America's Top Pediatricians by Consumers' Research Council of America.

3. In "Examples of Junk Science", the Political Calculations site uses our article on how Pigovian taxes, the lesser known nanny state form of sin taxes, are being used to control behavior - but rarely work as planned.