ACSH Podcast: Ukraine War Exposes Anti-GMO Folly; Giant Spiders And The Value of Pesticides

On Episode 3 of the ACSH Science Dispatch Podcast, we examine how food shortages caused by the Ukraine war have pressured Europe to abandon its long-held GMO phobia. Is this the silver lining of a tragic situation? We then discuss the value of pesticides, using a recent NPR story about giant spiders as a springboard.

Join our directors of chemistry and bio-sciences, Dr. Josh Bloom and Cameron English, as they break down these stories:

Ukraine War Exposes Folly of Anti-GMO Protectionism

Beyond needless loss of life, the war in Ukraine has caused a trade war that has slashed global food production, taking the greatest toll on the poorest of us. The silver lining: this tragic situation may inspire some long-overdue policy reforms.

NPR Likes Giant Flying Spiders That Land on Your Head. I Beg to Differ

Millions of giant, ungodly "hideosities" called Joro spiders are *flying* up the east coast as we speak. Some welcome them with open arms. Dr. Bloom does not.

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