ACSH in the Media: Healthline, New Zealand Radio, Seattle Radio, and More!

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One of our core missions is to spread the good news about science as far and wide as possible! Obviously, we do plenty of that here on the ACSH website, but we also regularly appear in various media outlets across the country (and world!). Here's where we appeared recently:

1. Dr. Jamie Wells was named one of America's Top Physicians, an award that honors distinction and excellence, by the Consumers' Research Council of America. Major kudos to her!

2. In Healthline, we debunked the link between cell phones and cancer. Like a zombie, this myth just won't die. The article quoted Dr. Alex Berezow, who said, "It is physically impossible for cell phones, Wi-Fi, and other similar devices to cause cancer... There isn't enough energy there to do anything to the human body." The photons of microwave radiation (which is the type of radiation cell phones emit) do not have enough energy to break chemical bonds, which is necessary to cause the DNA mutations that lead to cancer. Furthermore, cell phones operate at a measly 1 watt (compared to, say, microwaves that operate at 1,000 watts).

3. Dr. Alex Berezow continued his twice weekly radio segment (called "Real Science with Dr. B") on the Kirby Wilbur Show, a Seattle-area talk show. In his latest segment (beginning at 30:10), he discusses the placebo effect and science policy issues that were on the ballot in the 2018 midterm election.

4. Dr. Jamie Wells was interviewed by the nationwide, Auckland-based RadioLIVE in New Zealand about the film A Star Is Born, mental health, the controversy over "trigger warnings," suicide, and the importance of reducing stigma surrounding these topics. To listen to the interview, go to this link (then scroll down to the subheadline "Film Warning Spoiler Alert," and click on the play arrow on the bar below Lady Gaga's picture).