ACSH in the Media: Steamy Summer Edition

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We are now well into the summer. Much of the country is experiencing a nasty heat wave. So, be sure to stay cool and hydrated -- and take comfort in the fact that Americans are more likely to die in winter than in summer.

From the relative safety of our air conditioned offices, we have been toiling away, ensuring that evidence-based science gets into the hands of the media. Here's where we appeared in recent days:

1) Dr. Alex Berezow has been invited to give a talk and host a panel at the 9th European Beer and Health Symposium in Brussels, Belgium in September. There has been a recent push, most notably in The Lancet, to scare the public over alcohol. One particularly atrocious study concluded that even a single drop was bad for you. Dr. Berezow was invited to debunk such myths. Like most things, moderation is key.

2) The Kaiser Family Foundation linked to our article on Disease X, which was described as "a yet unseen deadly infectious disease with an epidemic potential for which no countermeasures exist" by authors Lone Simonsen and Maarten van Wijhe. In the article, they warned about the threat of pandemics caused by unknown microorganisms.

3) Dr. Josh Bloom's work on uncovering the true cause of the opioid epidemic continues to be cited all over the country. Most recently, his work was mentioned by the Institute for Faith & Freedom at Grove City College, The Reedley Exponent (of Fresno County, CA), and the website Christian Headlines.

4) Dr. Chuck Dinerstein's article on outpatient hip and knee replacements was cited by Becker's ASC Review. They highlighted that these types of joint replacements were 40% cheaper in ASCs (ambulatory surgery centers).

5) Dr. Berezow wrote an op-ed for the Puget Sound Business Journal (paywalled) about the importance of an upcoming election in the City of Seattle. Like many cities across the country, Seattle is suffering from an epidemic of homelessness, which is causing a public health crisis. Inaction and ineptitude by local officials have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of homeless people over the past several years. Outbreaks of trench fever, Shigella, and HIV have occurred. Dr. Berezow encouraged the citizens of Seattle to elect responsible city councilmembers.

6) Dr. Berezow continued to do his twice weekly radio segment, "Real Science with Dr. B," on Seattle's Kirby Wilbur Show. In his latest segment (beginning at 17:02), he discussed an article by Ross Pomeroy on RealClearScience about how coffee is served way too hot by some places like McDonald's and medical nonsense endorsed by the celebrity Grimes.