Podcast: ACSH Documentary 'Big Fears, Little Risks' Out Now

By Cameron English — Jun 21, 2022
The evidence is in: genetic engineering promotes sustainable farming, vaccines save lives, and nuclear energy is our best hope of powering society in a changing climate. But the question remains, how do you convince a generally skittish public to embrace the science behind these technologies? Our answer: make a movie.

Thirty years ago, the legendary Walter Cronkite and world-renowned experts at ACSH took on the overblown fears of the day in Big Fears, Little Risks. In the wake of a pandemic that’s claimed millions of lives, the documentary has been relaunched as a series tackling the fear-mongering surrounding GMOs, pesticides, vaccines, and nuclear power.

Matty Cardarople (Stranger Things) hosts some of the world’s leading scientists, including Dr. Bruce Ames and Dr. Paul Offit, as they give viewers a crash course on these wrongly vilified technologies. The take-home message: technological innovation offers us the best chance of ending a global health crisis, feeding the world, and reversing climate change.

On this episode of the Science Facts and Fallacies podcast, ACSH director of bio-sciences Cameron English chats with director Azel James and host Matty Cardarople about the film’s message, production, and recent premiere in Hollywood. Listen to the interview here. Watch the film below.