Vaxart Inc., a San Francisco based vaccine biotech, just announced that it will begin dosing subjects in a Phase 1b study company's bivalent oral experimental vaccines against norovirus -- the cause of the so-called "stomach flu." Everyone should wish them well.
Do you want grandma to keep baking cookies? Well, she won't anymore if she dies from the flu. So go get your shot when the next flu season rolls around in October.
Due to rampant false claims, could moratoriums on medical searches by social media companies actually free up time in an office visit. And also, lessen health care burdens?
Seven years ago, the global public health community declared the eradication of rinderpest, a severe viral disease of cattle. But today, Bulgaria says it's dealing with an outbreak of ovine rinderpest. They are two different, but closely related, viruses. Here's some insight into what we know.
We're possibly getting closer to saving thousands of newborns from a potentially nasty illness, and death. Novavax, a clinical-stage biotechnology company, states that it's reached a milestone in a clinical trial for the highly-anticipated vaccine for respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV.
Vical continues to push its VCL-HB01  herpes vaccine through development. Larry Smith, Ph.D., the senior VP of Research, answers some questions about where things stand now and what to expect in the near future. 
In spite of anti-vaccine efforts to scare parents, recent CDC data indicates that the overwhelming majority of children entering kindergarten are being appropriately immunized. Using data from 48 states and the District of Columbia, researchers found that a median of over 90 percent of kids are receiving the recommended vaccines.
An amazing new technology that uses silk to deliver vaccines just got a nice boost – to the tune of $6M – from Bill and Melinda Gates. Maybe with novel approaches like this, we'll finally see polio eradicated once and for all.
A third vaccine against herpes has entered the race, and it's gotten some rave reviews for its protection of guinea pigs. But it didn't so well with monkeys. Which is more important? Testing in humans will decide, but the answer won't be known for about two years. 
While it appears we are on our way to losing the battle against antibiotic resistance, not all hope is lost for the fight against another sexually transmitted infection (STI) – Chlamydia.
Although many in the scientific and medical community were nervous when Andrew Wakefield's movie was released, we can all relax now. His slogan -- “The film that they don’t want you to see” -- seems to have backfired because ... virtually no one went to see it. Only 19,570 tickets sold and flimsy flick grossed just over $150,000 -- chump change in Hollywood.
A new study shows the rapid loss of protection against whooping cough among teens vaccinated with a booster shot. This decline, which takes place over less than four years, helps explain the recent outbreaks in California and Minnesota, and shows that a new vaccination approach is needed.